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Wild Honey Creative Hosting Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions set out our terms and limitations in providing website hosting. In these Terms and Conditions we, us or our means Wild Honey Creative, ABN 75939347372.

Hosting Server

Wild Honey Creative is a reseller of Cloudways hosting. See cloudways.com/en/terms.php for further information.


Server Access

You will not have direct access to your server. You will have access to the back end or WordPress login for your website. In the case that server access is required, the server may be transferred to a Cloudways account in your name and you will then take over management and full responsibility of your hosting. If an annual payment has been made this will be treated as a cancellation of hosting. See our Cancellation Policy for details.



WordPress websites require regular maintenance to remain secure and functional. We cannot guarantee that your website will remain fully functional indefinitely once it is live. It is your responsibility to ensure the website is kept up to date by means of undertaking yourself or engaging Wild Honey Creative in a Care Plan.


Care Plans

While we will keep your website up to date and secure to the best of our ability, some breakages are beyond our control. Should a breakage occur, that we are not responsible for and requires more than the allocated amount of time in your Care Plan to fix, payment may be required to fix.



We take site security seriously and do our best to keep your site secure, however hacking may occur and be beyond our control. Should your site be hacked, once known we will take steps to lessen the severity of the breach, which may include shutting the site down completely for a time (don’t worry, we will have a backup). You may be required to undergo site cleaning or site restoration at your own expense.


SSL Certificate

The included SSL is the Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), which is an initiative of the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) https://www.abetterinternet.org  If you require an alternative SSL certificate this will incur an extra cost for purchase and installation.


Site Backups

If under a current Care Plan with us, we take regular off-site backups, which will ensure that your site can be rolled-back to a recent version should any security breaches or site breakages occur.
If not under a current Care Plan, we take a backup of your site upon completion, which we keep on file for 12 months only. You are responsible for any further backups which would reflect any updates or changes to the site. You will be provided with an instructional video on how to set up automatic backups during handover of your finished site. It is your responsibility to set up automatic backups if not under a Care Plan.



Wild Honey Creative uses Recaptcha technology to minimise spam sent from any forms on your website to your email address. While this approach reduces the amount spam that you will receive, you are very likely to still receive some. If you require further reduction in spam received through any forms on your website extra fees may be incurred.


Failure to Pay

If a subscription payment fails, we will attempt to re-debit and we will attempt to contact you by email to remedy. Should an account remain unpaid for 30 days, your site hosting will be paused and your site will display a holding page only. Should an account remain unpaid for 60 days, your hosting will be cancelled and your site will be removed from our servers. Website reinstallment on either our server or external hosting provider will incur an additional fee. 



Cancellations must be received in writing at hello@wildhoneycreative.com
See our Cancellation Policy for full details


Jasmine Phillips

Wild Honey Creative, ABN 75939347372

Email: jasmine@wildhoneycreative.com

Last update: February 08, 2022

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