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One-on-one help, to untangle your brand & marketing troubles

Brand Clarity Sessions

Are you feeling a bit lost in the sea of branding options? Unsure of how to connect with your ideal audience, or struggling to define your brand’s direction?

Maybe you’re stuck on naming your business, or can’t find that perfect tagline to communicate all the things you do.

Your Brand Clarity Session is designed exactly for YOU, so you get expert help to untangle your brand and marketing troubles.

What is the Brand Clarity coaching session, you ask? It’s an empowering in-person coaching experience with our lead Brand Strategist and Designer Jasmine Phillips. You get a total of 90-mins with Jasmine over two sessions PLUS your written strategy and action points, designed to ignite your brand’s potential and unleash your creative prowess!

Each session is unique and designed to tackle YOUR biggest roadblocks in branding and marketing. We’ll get you prepared with a Brand Clarity Workbook, and you’ll have the opportunity to uncover answers to your most burning questions.

Whether you are just starting out in business, looking to rebrand, or wanting expert strategy to guide your DIY journey, a Brand Clarity coaching session is a game changer! Clear the path of obstacles that have been holding you back, and finally get an expert eye on your business so you can soar!

Here's what's included in your Brand Clarity coaching session:


The Brand Clarity coaching sessions are an info-packed experience designed to feel like a heartfelt conversation with a business bestie. Gather your dreams and ideas together, and don’t worry if it feels a little messy – I’ll ask the right questions that help you untangle it, so you feel clear and confident to take the next step.

STEP ONE: Once you’ve booked in, we’ll have a quick phone call to book in your Zoom and identify what you most want to work on. We’ll send you a Brand Clarity Workbook, a thoughtful questionnaire to put your questions and ideas on paper. This will help us get to know your business, and also allow us to understand your goals (and any challenges you’re having) before our call. 

STEP TWO: Your One-Hour Brand Exploration Zoom call – get ready for an invigorating 60 minutes where we’ll delve into your brand, address your questions and challenges, and uncover your aspirations for your business and life. Whether it’s a specific puzzle like naming your brand, niching down, or expanding your offerings, Jasmine will offer a professional, outside perspective with your brand and life goals in mind. You might be at the very beginning, in a messy middle, or preparing for change or scale… this process helps you get crystal clear on your next steps.

STEP THREE: One week after our in-person session, you’ll receive a personalised Brand Strategy Document. It’s a custom, comprehensive PDF that covers the all-important foundations of your brand. Depending on your questions, challenges and goals, this might include clarity on your brand’s identity and purpose, mission and values, ideal client profiles, competitor analysis, suggestions on messaging, and creative and visual style suggestions to help you further develop your brand.

Feeling stuck on naming your business? No worries! Our sessions can include thoughtful business naming discussions to help you find the perfect fit.

Brand Clarity Sessions can also be used to audit your existing brand and online presence if you’re after some quick ways to improve and grow.

AND THEN SOME: As part of your Brand Strategy, you’ll also receive Recommended Action Steps: a curated list of action steps and expert tips to strengthen your brand and align your business decisions with your vision and goals.

And if Visual Identity is on your priority list, we’ll aim to include a glimpse at what your future brand might look like, including image style, colours and possible typography direction through a stunning Visual Mood Board

WRAPPING UP – A SECOND IN-PERSON FOLLOW-UP CALL: You won’t be left out in the wild. We’ll schedule a 30-minute follow-up call to walk you through your Strategy Document and our recommendations. We’ll review and debrief together, ensuring that everything aligns perfectly with your vision. Have any lingering questions? Feel free to ask away during this follow-up call!

Let's work together to elevate your brand to new heights. Get expert help to untangle the things that have been holding you back and move forward with clarity and confidence.

Book your session today and let the transformation begin!

Kind Words From Wonderful People

Always wanted to 'pick the brains' of a pro?

Our Brand Clarity Coaching sessions with Jasmine are specifically designed to work on YOUR business needs, YOUR questions, and YOUR challenges. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Before your session, you identify the areas you most want help with, and we’ll drill down on answering your questions, and providing advice that will move the needle forward. You’ll get specific actionable advice, that you can put in place right away.

Here are some common business, brand and marketing challenges we help our clients with… 

Brainstorming, researching, and identifying potential brand names (including advice on ideal domain names and social handles).

Help with structuring brand offerings and services in ways your clients will fully understand (even if you offer many different things).

Helping clients with visual identity advice if they are planning to DIY their branding (including advice on colours, typography, and styling).

Help navigating change, whether that’s niching down, scaling up, or moving from one type of client or industry to another.

Advice on identifying your ideal client, crafting client personas that help you create strong brand messages, and helping you differentiate your brand amongst a sea of competitors

Help to create or review your Marketing Strategy so you’re set to soar.

Auditing your existing brand, website, and social media content, with actionable steps you can put in place right away.

Untangle technical jargon! If you have questions you’ve been too shy to ask, you can totally pick our brains on email, websites, marketing platforms, socials and so much more.


The sessions include a total of 90-minutes of one-on-one Brand Coaching with Jasmine via Zoom (across two sessions).

PLUS you’ll get a comprehensive Brand Strategy PDF with actionable advice to move you away from your challenges and toward your biggest, juiciest goals.

Get all of this for $350 AUD

BONUS: If you happen to go on to book a Branding Package with us within 6 months of your Brand Clarity Session, you’ll get the cost of your Brand Clarity Session (the whole $350) OFF your Brand Package!

If you’ve been considering working with us on your branding but aren’t quite ready to dive in, a Brand Clarity Session will help you decide if we’d make a great team, plus you’ll have solutions in your pocket right away.

*$350 off is valid for both Complete Branding Packages and Wild Re-Brands only. Must book within 6 months of your Brand Clarity Session. The start date is subject to availability. Not valid for Fast Fly Out services or hourly rate work.

Meet your brand coach...

I’m Jasmine Phillips, the creative mind and problem solver behind Wild Honey Creative. Picture a blend of enthusiasm, nerdy word puns, on-point aesthetics, and a knack for turning brand challenges into triumphs.

My passion? Helping you find crystal-clear clarity and confidence in your brand. I’ve made it my mission to untangle the knotiest of brand challenges and transform them into actionable steps that you can implement with confidence.

So, if you’re feeling a bit lost in the brand jungle, reach out. Let’s dive into a Brand Clarity Session and set you on the path to brand brilliance. Together, we’ll turn those challenges into opportunities and have you strutting with brand confidence in no time!

Let's work together to elevate your brand to new heights. Get expert help to untangle the things that have been holding you back and move forward with clarity and confidence.

Book your session and let the transformation begin!

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