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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you just make a logo on its own?

We take a holistic approach to branding and won't design a logo on its own.  Our Signature Brand Package gives you the full toolkit of brand strategy, logo design, colours, typography, and graphic elements that help set you up for success. We'll also provide Brand Guidelines and training in how to use your new brand elements, so you'll always know how to use it to look professional and consistent.

Do you work with existing logos?

Very rarely. Our aim is to work with business owners to develop brands from the ground up. This includes brand strategy and logo design, as well as full visual identities that move you towards your business goals.


Every now and then, we will work with a brand to refresh and revamp an existing identity rather than doing a full overhaul. If you have an established brand but feel it needs a refresh to better match how you have grown, feel free to reach our via our contact page so we can talk further.


If you have already worked with a brand designer, and are interested in having us design your website only, you can complete our application form to see if we are a good fit. Please note that our branding clients are giving priority for web design as we take on only a few projects at a time.

How long does branding take?

The Nurture package typically takes 4 to 6 weeks, and the more comprehensive Thrive package, which includes a home page design and multiple collateral items takes 10 to 12 weeks. The timeline will vary accordingly if additional services are added.

What is collateral?

Collateral are the parts of your brand that make it into the hands and minds of your clients. Collateral may include physical or digital assets like business cards, stationery, custom icons, an email newsletter template, email signature, opt-in PDFs and social media templates.


Our Nurture package includes 2 pieces of collateral and our Harvest package includes 5 pieces of collateral and social media templates as well as a website homepage design.


We help our clients work out what they need the most so they get the most use out of their collateral items.

Do you design websites?

Absolutely! Once you've signed on for one of our Signature Branding Packages you can can add on all kinds of additional services such as signage, packaging design, and website design and development with our team.


Our Thrive Branding Package includes a strategic and beautiful home page design featuring your new branding (design only, not development). If you're not ready to go online straight away, that's ok too. Full website design and development can be added to any of our Branding Packages either immediately, or later on.


Occasionally we will agree to design a site for a brand that already has an existing professional visual identity that they want to keep, but it’s best if we chat about this first to make sure it’s a winning combination. Use our contact form in get in touch.

How long does web design take?

We craft custom websites specifically designed for your brand - no cookie cutter approach here!


As each site is different in size and complexity, and we can give you a better idea following an initial online meeting. However, most sites travel through the design and development stages in 4 to 8 weeks once we have received all content.


We recommend completing the branding process BEFORE launching into a web design project, so that your brand has a beautiful and strategic foundation on which to base your website.

Can you fix or redesign my existing website?

At this stage, we don't offer 'fixes' or changes to existing websites designed and built by others. We think it's best you contact your original web designer for that; however reach out via our contact form if you are ready for a total revamp.

What web platform do you use?

We prefer and recommend WordPress for its functionality, performance and design flexibility. We can also work with Shopify and Wix websites, depending on whether these solutions meet our clients needs. All our sites are custom built. No templates here, so you won't find your design on a competitor's site.

Do you have any smaller offerings?

Yes! We offer brand strategy consultations, publication design (magazines, book covers and long-form brochures) and branding and design workshops both in person and online.


'Design Days' are also available if you have a project that is a good fit. These are dedicated days where we focus only on your project and complete as much as possible within the timeframe, beginning with a morning kick-off call and finishing with an afternoon wrap-up. If agreed, a series of days may be dedicated to your project. Design Days are subject to our availability and priority is given to clients who have been through our branding process.


Visit the Services page to learn more or reach out via our Contact Form to talk about your specific needs.

Do you do website copywriting, photography, videography, content creation, and social media?

These services are in our wheelhouse, but only available to clients who have worked with us on Branding and Website projects.


We may also partner with other specialists and associates to create amazing content for your brand and can do this locally or remotely via Zoom.


We have excellent relationships with copywriters, photographers, videographers, and social media and digital marketing experts and can help you find the best match for your project.


We also offer creative project management for larger branding, website and publication design projects, including those for local government, professional arts organisations and the creative industries. See our case studies here.

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