Evolve Health Hub

Eve Law from Evolve Health Hub, came to us with a desire to build her brand and businesses. Her Australian clinic specialises in osteopathy, naturopathy and massage and was doing well, but she admitted to being pretty embarrassed about the way she was putting her business out into the world. She did have a logo created many years ago, but it no longer suited her style and the vision she had for her business, she struggled to create printed collateral, was sometimes crippled by indecision around her brand, and was frustrated by a ‘barely there’ social media presence.

Eve also had goals to start her own blog, workshops and health consolations under her own name but wanted it to tie in visually with the clinic. We worked with Eve to create a Sub Brand for personal name and have both tie in together beautifully.

During the design process, Jasmine hand drew a comprehensive set of custom illustrations and icons that could be used across the brand, and social media. We designed letterheads, business cards, and gift certificates for Evolve, and also helped Eve get her professional printing sorted so she could relaunch the brand with confidence.

Brand elements for Evolve Health Hub - Branding and design by Wild Honey Creative

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