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Eutan Tarawa Council

We created:

Brand identity and logo design, custom WordPress website, textures,  graphic elements, social media templates, letterhead template, business cards, and meeting agenda template.


Supportive, capable, trustworthy, and approachable.

“Working with someone genuinely committed to delivering a project of this nature on time and on budget to such a high standard has really elevated my ‘industry standard’ expectations of what can (and should) be achieved for a project of this nature. 

Jasmine and her team are highly skilled, very experienced, professional and able to readily adapt to challenging situations which were essential ingredients to make this project possible. 

The high levels of empathy and understanding that Jasmine and Wild Honey Creative showed towards the client (Eutan Tarawa Council), their prompt responses and delivery of project products made achieving project milestones, key deliverables and overall goals relatively easy within the defined project specifications (including timeframes and budget). 

With Jasmine and her team you don’t get ‘corporate stuffiness’ that is often associated with much larger organisations. The importance of the ‘human element’ was a hallmark of working with Wild Honey Creative which permeated throughout the project which helped create strong buy-in from Eutan Tarawa Council and also resonated strongly with North Tarawa community and other Kiribati leaders.

The project met all of the specified key deliverables with exceptional professionalism, quality and timeliness. Apart from serving as an outstanding testament of the service that WHC is able to deliver, it also enabled the remotely located Eutan Tarawa Council to demonstrate newly acquired project management skills as well as deliver thoroughly professional organisational branding and an informative quality website and social media platforms that are able to showcase the Council as a local government leader in Kiribati.

Wild Honey Creative are testament to the quality and capability of a regional SME that can truly compete with (and surpass) the capability of larger often much more expensive and less capable corporate city based consultancies – AND you you get happy smiling faces with people that show that they love their work thrown for free!


Remote volunteer working for Eutan Tarawa Council through Australian Volunteer Program.

Council Branding

We were honoured to work with the Eutan Tarawa Council team to create the nation’s very first local government brand identity and website. Wild Honey Creative collaborated with the Australian Volunteer Program (which provided a volunteer project manager and financial support), and the Eutan Tarawa Council to create international connections and invest in the growth of North Tarawa.

The project included a full Brand Identity design, social media assets and support, and a custom WordPress website. On the website, you will find information about Council and its services, as well as useful insights about the local lifestyle, culture, and environment.

The Council’s new brand reflects the values of accountability, responsibility, and transparency while celebrating local traditions and the region’s rich cultural heritage. The brand highlights the region’s natural beauty, which emphasises the Council’s desire to place the environment as one of its highest priorities.­­

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