How we get to the sweet stuff

Branding your business or creating your dream website can be confusing and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

Wearing all the hats and doing everything yourself has gotten you this far (and you should be so darn proud of that), but it’s not possible to be an expert at everything.

​We take a holistic approach to design and marketing, working with you to fully understand your business, your products and your clients. Each part of our process is infused like a good cup of chai; with a strong grounding in research, an emphasis on storytelling, and most importantly, a passion for capturing your unique spirit and the values of your brand at every touchpoint.



Think of this as the ‘pollen-collecting’ stage where we gather together all the information we need to do the job.

Choose from our Signature Brand or Website Packages or we can prepare you a custom quote based on your needs. We will also offer you a start date and let you know a timeline for your project. When you are ready to go ahead, you pay a deposit, which secures your start date.

Depending on your project, we will send you a questionnaire, workbook or web content planner (a great chance to dive-deep on your business values, vision, and visuals). We will also give you a checklist of things you may need to gather for us.

When your start date comes around, we schedule a kick off call and then the fun part begins!


Research & Development

Consider this the honey-making stage – there is a lot going on behind the scenes! We research your business, industry, competitors, and target market and develop concepts that will help you soar.

If we are working on branding or website, you will get a Mood Board to help define the direction we go in. We will present you with initial designs based on our research and your business vision.




We get your feedback at every stage of the design process.

Most projects and packages include two rounds of refinements to make sure your design is exactly how you want it.

We can catch up via phone, online, or in-person to ensure everything is buzzing along nicely, and we will prepare final designs based on your feedback.




It’s time to reap the rewards and bottle up the sweet stuff!

 You will sign off on your final designs and we get them ready for the world.

Payment is finalised and finished artwork delivered or your new website is launched.

We can also organise printing, or help with other media and marketing needs going forward. 

After all that, you should definitely celebrate! It’s time to share your brand and website proudly with the world.


Ready to soar?

Book a Discovery Call (or virtual cuppa) and let’s start brainstorming your new brand and website!