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Claire Brett

We created:

Brand identity and logo design, eBook design, email signature, social media templates, custom icons, and course notes and presentation slide templates.


Ethereal, soulful, feminine, symbolic, heart-centred.

Business and Personal transformation coach & mentor

Claire Brett is a business mentor and transformation coach based in Ireland, working with heart-led female entrepreneurs around the world.

Claire’s brand needed to reflect her warm and nurturing personality, 

“It exceeded all my expectations. I still get giddy when I look at the stunning work Jasmine and her team created. I am beyond delighted with the result.

Jasmine and her team were phenomenal!

Despite us being on opposite ends of the world, it all went so smoothly. Jasmine’s attention to detail was fantastic. Her communication and patience was outstanding too (as I had some revisions I wanted to make initially).

It felt like she treated it way more than a branding project – She really cares about her clients and making sure that their brand personality and soul essence comes through.
I was so impressed by the level of efficiency & professionalism I experienced, the attention to detail and how the team brought my initially messy and unclear concepts to life so vibrantly. I was over the moon with it and loved every minute of the process.”

Clair Brett

eBusiness Mentor & Transformation Coach


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